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The lie of an immaculate dream

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Location:Virginia, United States of America

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30 stm, 300, achilles/patroclus, adrian/milo, alan rickman, alexander/bagoas, alexander/bagoas/hephaestion, alexander/hephaestion, ancient egypt, ancient greece, ancient history, ancient rome, andromeda, astinos/stelios, babylon 5, bacchus, bdsm, being dragged into fandoms, blue, brad/garrett, brian/justin, brothercest, cats, chad bannon, chad ullery, children of dune, chronicles of narnia, chronicles of riddick, citadel rpg, clex, coffee, colin/jared, creative wilds, daenerys targaryen, damian wayne, daniel/jack, dark fic, dogs, doors rpg, dragons, dune, faeries, father/son, firefly, firefly/serenity, game of thrones, gaspard ulliel, greco-roman mythology, harry potter, helena wayne, helena/kara, heroes, heroes slash, house of night, huntress/pg, huntress/power girl, ian somerhalder, j2, j3, jack/daniel, jdm/ja/jp, jensen/jared, john/sam/dean, josh holloway, kink fic, kmfdm, korn, liam/christian, liberal, lord of the rings, lords of acid, lost, marton csokas, matthew fox, matthew/ian, matthew/josh, michael scofield/lincoln burrows, michael/lincoln, miki's panties, mohinder/sylar, my co-writers, my girlfriends, my otp is f/f, my otp is m/m, nathan/peter, nin, nine inch nails, nip/tuck, novel length fics, obi-wan/anakin, original characters, original slash, petrellicest, pets, piercings, pocket dragons, polyamory, poppy z. brite, queer as folk, qui-gon/obi-wan, rammstein, red robin, revolutionary girl utena, rob zombie, rps, sci-fi, science fiction, slash, smallville, smut, spn rps, stargate sg-1, stelios/astinos, suck my fucking dick, supernatural, supernatural rps, temeraire, the kushiel series, the l word, the tudors, the zesty 'cestness, trent reznor, troy slash, twincest, type o negative, tyr/dylan, video games, vin diesel, white wolf, wincest, wraeththu, writing smut, x-files, x-men, yami no matsuei
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